My Platform
Working from the grassroots to meet your needs.....

  • Hold one-on-one discussions with members to find out what they need and expect from the HEU. Members’ vision feeds the union executive’s vision; not vice versa.

  • Meet members’ needs by providing local activists and executives with the tools and resources necessary to develop strong local structures and local platform-building that works to meet these needs.

  • Create strong regional networks and communication systems by working with Regional Vice Presidents. Use new ways of communicating such as online chats and meetings, newsletters, and social media to reach further, and more often, than in the past.

  • Foster strong working relationships with the provincial executive and work to build leadership skills within their team. Ensure leadership have the tools to meet the demands of the membership. Also strengthen relationships with sister unions in the BC Federation of Labour. And reach out to other organizations to build alliances for HEU programs and projects. The end result is to reinforce HEU’s position and make sure we have a strong voice within the provincial political system.

  • Take our fight against contracting out and attacks on public services to the national stage by promoting HEU’s goals with CUPE and Canadian Labour Congress. Specifically, I will lobby and fight for public services such as healthcare and education.